Rule 5.710. Reports of Public Guardian

The public guardian, as the guardian of a ward, shall file:

(a) an initial report as required by law;
(b) annual guardianship reports, which shall include the dates of quarterly visits to the ward, as required by law;
(c) a report within 6 months of his or her appointment as guardian of a ward, which shall also be filed with the executive director of the Office of Public and Professional Guardians, stating:

(1) the public guardian’s efforts to locate a family member or friend, other person, bank, or corporation to act as guardian of the ward; and
(2) the ward’s potential to be restored to capacity;

(d) an annual report, filed with the Office of Public and Professional Guardians, by September 1 for the preceding fiscal year, on the operations of the office of public guardian; and
(e) a report of an independent audit by a qualified certified public accountant, to be filed with the Office of Public and Professional Guardians every 2 years.