Rule 5.648. Emergency Temporary Guardian

(a) Petition for Appointment of Emergency Temporary Guardian. Prior to appointment of a guardian but after a petition for determination of incapacity has been filed, the alleged incapacitated person or any adult interested in the welfare of that person may petition for the appointment of an emergency temporary guardian of the person or property. The petition shall be verified and shall state:

(1) the petitioner’s residence and post office address; 
(2) the name, age, and residence and post office address of the alleged incapacitated person;
(3) that there appears to be imminent danger that the physical or mental health or safety of the alleged incapacitated person will be seriously impaired or that the alleged incapacitated person’s property is in danger of being wasted, misappropriated, or lost unless immediate action is taken;
(4) the nature of the emergency and the reason immediate action must be taken;
(5) the extent of the emergency temporary guardianship, either limited or plenary, requested for the alleged incapacitated person, and, if known, the nature and value of the property to be subject to the emergency temporary guardianship;
(6) the names and addresses of the next of kin of the alleged incapacitated person known to the petitioner;
(7) the name and residence and post office address of the proposed emergency temporary guardian, and that the proposed emergency temporary guardian is qualified to serve, or that a willing and qualified emergency temporary guardian has not been located, and; 
(8) the proposed emergency temporary guardian’s relationship to or any previous association with the alleged incapacitated person.

(b) Notice. Notice of filing of the petition for appointment of an emergency temporary guardian and hearing on the petition must be served on the alleged incapacitated person and on the alleged incapacitated person’s attorney at least 24 hours before the hearing on the petition is commenced, unless the petitioner demonstrates that substantial harm to the alleged incapacitated person would occur if the 24-hour notice is given.

(c) Service on Public Guardian. If the petitioner requests appointment of the public guardian as emergency temporary guardian, a copy of the petition and notice shall be served on the public guardian. 

(d) Order. The order appointing the emergency temporary guardian shall specify the powers and duties of the emergency temporary guardian.

(e) Extension of Authority. Prior to the expiration of the authority of the emergency temporary guardian, any interested person may file a verified petition for extension of authority of the emergency temporary guardian. The petition must show that the conditions that warranted the initial appointment of the emergency temporary guardian still exist. The petition shall be served on the ward’s attorney and on the emergency guardian.

(f) Final Report. An emergency temporary guardian shall file a final report no later than 30 days after the expiration of the emergency temporary guardianship. A copy of the final report shall be served on the successor guardian, if any, the ward, and the ward’s attorney. With approval of the court, service on the ward may be accomplished by serving the attorney for the ward. 

(1) If the emergency temporary guardian is a guardian of the property, the final report shall consist of a verified inventory of the ward’s property as of the date letters of emergency temporary guardianship were issued, a final accounting that gives a full and correct account of the receipts and disbursements of all the ward’s property over which the guardian had control, and a statement of the property on hand at the end of the emergency temporary guardianship. 
(2) If the emergency temporary guardian is a guardian of the person, the final report shall summarize the activities of the guardian with regard to residential placement, medical condition, mental health and rehabilitative services, and the social condition of the ward to the extent of the authority granted to the emergency temporary guardian. 
(3) If the emergency temporary guardian becomes the successor guardian of the property or person of the ward, the final report must satisfy the requirements of, and shall serve as, the initial report of the guardian of the property or person of the ward, as the case may be, as set forth in rule 5.690.