Rule 5.640. Continuance of Unincorporated Business or Venture of Ward

(a) Continuance of Business. When the ward is adjudicated incapacitated while engaged in any unincorporated business or venture, or the court finds that a person with a developmental disability lacks capacity to manage an unincorporated business or venture, the court may authorize the guardian to continue the business or venture for a reasonable time under the supervision of the court.

(b) Petition. Before an order is made under subdivision (a), the guardian shall file a verified petition, alleging sufficient facts to make it appear that it is in the best interest of the ward’s estate to continue the business or venture.

(c) Order. The order authorizing the continuance of the business or venture may empower the guardian to make contracts necessary to conduct the business or venture and to incur debts and pay out money in the proper conduct of the business or venture. The net profits only of the business or venture are to be added to the assets of the ward’s estate.

(d) Accounts and Reports. In the conduct of the business or venture, the guardian shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as the court requires.

(e) Discontinuance of Business. Any person interested in the ward’s estate may at any time petition the court for an order requiring the guardian to discontinue and to wind up the business or venture, and the court, after notice to the guardian, shall enter such order thereon as is in the best interest of the ward’s estate.