Rule 5.342. Inventory of Safe-Deposit Box

(a) Filing. The personal representative shall file an inventory of the contents of the decedent’s safe-deposit box within 10 days of the initial opening of the box by the personal representative or the personal representative’s attorney of record. The inventory shall include a copy of the financial institution’s entry record for the box from a date that is six months prior to the decedent’s date of death to the date of the initial opening by the personal representative or the personal representative’s attorney of record.

(b) Verification. Each person who was present at the initial opening must verify the contents of the box by signing a copy of the inventory under penalties of perjury.

(c) Service. The personal representative shall serve a copy of the inventory on the surviving spouse, each heir at law in an intestate estate, each residuary beneficiary in a testate estate, and any other interested person who may request it in writing.