Rule 5.230. Commission to Prove Will

(a) Petition. On petition the court may appoint a commissioner to take the oath of any person qualified to prove the will under Florida law. The petition must set forth the date of the will and the place where it was executed, if known; the names of the witnesses and address of the witness whose oath is to be taken; and the name, title, and address of the proposed commissioner. 

(b) Commission. The commission must be directed to a person who is authorized to administer an oath by the laws of Florida, the United States of America, or the state or country where the witness may be found, and it shall empower the commissioner to take the oath of the witness to prove the will and shall direct the commissioner to certify the oath and file the executed commission, copy of the will, oath of the witness, and certificate of commissioner. An oath of the commissioner is not required.

(c) Mailing or Delivery. The petitioner or the petitioner’s attorney must cause the commission, together with a copy of the will, the oath, and the certificate of commissioner, to be mailed or delivered to the commissioner.

(d) Filing. The executed commission, copy of the will, oath of the witness, and certificate of commissioner must be filed.