Part II - Probate

Rule 5.200. Petition for Administration

Rule 5.201. Notice of Petition for Administration

Rule 5.205. Filing Evidence of Death

Rule 5.210. Probate of Wills Without Administration

Rule 5.215. Authenticated Copy of Will

Rule 5.216. Will Written in Foreign Language

Rule 5.230. Commission to Prove Will

Rule 5.235. Issuance of Letters, Bond

Rule 5.240. Notice of Administration

Rule 5.2405. Service of Notice of Administration on Personal Representative

Rule 5.241. Notice to Creditors

Rule 5.260. Caveat; Proceedings

Rule 5.270. Revocation of Probate

Rule 5.275. Burden of Proof in Will Contests

Rule 5.310. Disqualification of Personal Representative; Notification

Rule 5.320. Oath of Personal Representative

Rule 5.330. Execution by Personal Representative

Rule 5.340. Inventory

Rule 5.341. Estate Information

Rule 5.342. Inventory of Safe-Deposit Box

Rule 5.3425. Search of Safe Deposit Box

Rule 5.345. Accountings Other Than Personal Representatives’ Final Accountings

Rule 5.346. Fiduciary Accounting

Rule 5.350. Continuance of Unincorporated Business or Venture

Rule 5.355. Proceedings For Review of Employment Of Agents and Compensation of Personal Representatives and Estate Employees

Rule 5.360. Elective Share

Rule 5.365. Petition for Dower

Rule 5.370. Sales of Real Property Where No Power Conferred

Rule 5.380. Compulsory Payment of Devises or Distributive Interests

Rule 5.385. Determination of Beneficiaries and Shares

Rule 5.386. Escheat

Rule 5.395. Notice of Federal Estate Tax Return

Rule 5.400. Distribution and Discharge

Rule 5.401. Objections to Petition for Discharge or Final Accounting

Rule 5.402. Notice Of Lien on Protected Homestead

Rule 5.403. Proceedings to Determine Amount of Lien on Protected Homestead

Rule 5.404. Notice of Taking Possession of Protected Homestead

Rule 5.405. Proceedings to Determine Protected Homestead Real Property

Rule 5.406. Proceedings to Determine Exempt Property

Rule 5.407. Proceedings to Determine Family Allowance

Rule 5.420. Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration

Rule 5.430. Resignation of Personal Representative

Rule 5.440. Proceedings for Removal of Personal Representative

Rule 5.460. Subsequent Administration

Rule 5.470. Ancillary Administration

Rule 5.475. Ancillary Administration, Short Form

Rule 5.490. Form and Manner of Presenting Claim

Rule 5.496. Form and Manner of Objecting to Claim

Rule 5.498. Personal Representative’s Proof of Claim

Rule 5.499. Form and Manner of Objecting to Personal Representative’s Proof of Claim

Rule 5.510. Establishment and Probate of Lost or Destroyed Will

Rule 5.530. Summary Administration

Part III - Guardianship

Rule 5.540. Hearings

Rule 5.541. Recording of Hearings

Rule 5.550. Petition to Determine Incapacity

Rule 5.552. Voluntary Guardianship of Property

Rule 5.555. Guardianships of Minors

Rule 5.560. Petition for Appointment of Guardian of an Incapacitated Person

Rule 5.590. Application for Appointment as Guardian; Disclosure Statement; Filing

Rule 5.600. Oath

Rule 5.610. Execution by Guardian

Rule 5.620. Inventory

Rule 5.625. Notice of Completion of Guardian Education Requirements

Rule 5.630. Petition for Approval of Acts

Rule 5.635. Petition for Extraordinary Authority

Rule 5.636. Settlement of Minors’ Claims

Rule 5.640. Continuance of Unincorporated Business or Venture of Ward

Rule 5.645. Management of Property of Nonresident Ward by Foreign Guardian

Rule 5.646. Standby Guardians

Rule 5.647. Surrogate Guardian

Rule 5.648. Emergency Temporary Guardian

Rule 5.649. Guardian Advocate

Rule 5.650. Resignation or Disqualification of Guardian; Appointment of Successor

Rule 5.660. Proceedings for Removal of Guardian

Rule 5.670. Termination of Guardianship on Change of Domicile of Resident Ward

Rule 5.680. Termination of Guardianship

Rule 5.681. Restoration of Rights of Person with Developmental Disability

Rule 5.685. Determination Regarding Alternatives to Guardianship

Rule 5.690. Initial Guardianship Report

Rule 5.695. Annual Guardianship Report

Rule 5.696. Guardian Accounting

Rule 5.697. Magistrates’ Review of Guardianship Inventories, Accountings, and Plans

Rule 5.700. Objection to Guardianship Reports

Rule 5.705. Petition for Interim Judicial Review

Rule 5.710. Reports of Public Guardian

Rule 5.720. Court Monitor

Rule 5.725. Emergency Court Monitor

Rule 5.800. Application of Revised Chapter 744 to Existing Guardianships

Part IV - Expedited Judicial Intervention Concerning Medical Treatment Procedures